Monday, May 31, 2010

That's a funny way of defining "Peace Activist"

Earlier today, one of those infamous "international incidents" occurred when violence broke out between members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and several boats that were attempting to break through the Gaza blockade. 

The UN, international community, and most pathetically of all, President Obama, immediately condemned the IDF for being so darn mean to those poor, unfortunate peace activists on the boats.  

"Peace activists?"  Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?

Only in the wild, wacky, WTF-are-you-thinking world of the liberal media can a group of well-armed pro-Hamas thugs on a boat be called any name with the word "peace" in it.

Fortunately for the Israelis, they were not only armed with weapons to defend their bodies, they were also armed with night vision equipment and video cameras to defend their reputations.  The evidence shows that the IDF showed extreme levels of restraint, making numerous attempts to use nonlethal force, and that the true aggressors were the not-so-peaceful guys on the boat.

Other people have done a better job than I can covering this story in detail.  Here's some great reading to start:

Israel Navy commandos: Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Why Israel has to constantly defend itself for, ummm, defending itself, is beyond me.  I guess we should all say a little prayer of thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, otherwise we'd only have the peace activists' terrorist nutjobs' side of the story.

Can someone please send President Obama a memo letting him know that Israel is actually our ally?  I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear an admission from the White House that they may have rushed to judgment here...or maybe it will be like when Obama said the Cambridge police had acted "stupidly," and we can have a Beer Summit at the White House between the IDF and the boat dudes? 

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  1. Obama has no respect for borders because he has Global ambitions. The Israelis and the Arizonans are a stench to him. He MUST go in 2012. And we must FIRE all of his kind this NOVEMBER!!!


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