Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Even Frankie Muniz gets it - Promoting Susan Rice is an #ObamaFail

Susan Rice has been a disaster as UN Ambassador, so of course Obama is rewarding her with a promotion; she will be Obama's new National Security Adviser.

Now, the fact that the conservative twitterati think that promoting Rice is yet another illustration of the incompetence of the current administration isn't surprising. This, however, was:

Not drinking the Hollywood Kool-Aid
Yep. Frankie Muniz, the actor best known for his role in the TV show Malcolm in the Middle, has managed to break free of the mindless devotion to Obama that most of Hollywood seems to practice.

That's his actual verified Twitter account. Predictably, Muniz got some blowback for his comments, but he didn't back down or delete the tweet.

If a 20-something actor can figure out that nominating Susan Rice as National Security Adviser is a joke - an #ObamaFail - what excuse can the Washington Press Corps have?

It's really a shame that this position doesn't require Senate confirmation. The hearings would be hiiiii-larious.

See also: Unbelievable: @AmbassadorRice's Actual Twitter Account

UPDATE: Here's Twitchy's take.

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