Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...And it's only Wednesday

These past few days have been pretty rough.

From the horrific injuries caused by the bombs at the Boston Marathon, to the news tonight about a fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, we've lost too many of our fellow Americans this week...people lost in ways that were all the more terrible because they were so random and unpredictable.

"Wrong place, wrong time" is something we say when a bird poops on our shoulder. It shouldn't refer to a father finding out his son has lost both of his legs by seeing a gruesome photo on the news.

It seems like it's too much to bear. Friends of mine are already openly asking what other horrors this week might bring.

One thing that gives me hope is that immediately after these events, the instinct is to turn to prayer. #PrayForBoston has been followed by #PrayForWest.

A few years ago, this Ziggy cartoon ran in the newspaper shortly after a new year had begun. I had been through some challenges and found it comforting, so I cut it out and saved it. It's been on the refrigerator for several apartments in college, in Florida, went up to Massachusetts with me, and is now with me in Austin.

(Click image to enlarge)

Boston and West, Texas will get through this week. America will get through this week. We always do.

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