Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CNN Fail: Where's the #filibuster news?

It's now 12:30 am ET after over twelve hours of Senator Rand Paul's historic filibuster, and this is the front page of CNN:

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No articles about the filibuster "above the fold?" Not one?

I finally found a mention after scrolling down, the 12th item on the list, "THIS JUST IN." One measly little mention, "Rand Paul's filibuster," which leads to this article.

Pathetic job by CNN today. Hang your heads in shame, CNN.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit did a similar review of other MSM websites and found a similar prioritizing (or, more accurately, lack thereof):

Gateway Pundit |Predictable… Liberal Media Buries Rand Paul’s Historic 12 Hour Filibuster

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  1. CNN can't report that Paul embarrassed the Dems last night- might upset their readers. Plus, I'm sure CNN feels that nothing's news unless they report it.

  2. They wouldn't want to comment without clearance from the propaganda ministry now would they? CNN stopped being legit a long time ago

  3. CNN wouldn't know shame if it came up and bit them on the ass.

  4. I posted about the Filibuster on 6 stories in the Comments section.....every Post was removed, tried to Upload link to c span on 2 others and I was notified that my posts were under review.......


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